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elegant jumpsuits and short dresses for the hottest days

Have you been invited to a summer wedding and are you on the high seas with the choice of a formal dress? Do not worry, in this article you will find a selection of 50 women's formal dresses that can be desired at first sight: between long models, elegant jumpsuits and short dresses for the hottest days, what do you prefer? We try to give you some tips to make things easier ... you still have some time before the date written on your wedding date arrives!

No more than two colors

This is the advice: if you do not want to sin with exuberance and maintain an enviable style, do not risk more than two colors in your outfit. The only exception will be the case in which you decide to wear beautiful sandals jewel, which can only shine with a thousand colors. We suggest you bring them under a monochromatic dress, like the blue night of Morilee or the magenta model of Eleni Elias: a sinuous jumpsuite, embellished with tone-on-tone stones.

Long life to shrugs
If your friends will say the phrases for promises of marriage in a church, you must remember to bring a shawl or a shawl with you, despite the summer heat. We advise you to buy one that matches your elegant formal dress, but at the same time can be used on another occasion. In fact, this item of clothing is very versatile and can be used in all seasons: to shelter from the summer breeze, like a jacket in the spring and in the early autumn days, but also under the winter coat.
We suggest you take a look at the original turquoise jumpsuit of Nicole Cocktail and Evening and its fluttering coordinated shawl crimson red bridesmaid dresses, as well as the elegance of the one invented by Victor J Granados, where the antique rose of floral embroideries rests gracefully on a total black fabric.

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