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A major part of Mafia is taking the fight to the various mob bosses

During E3 2018 we were given some details about the different areas of New Bordeaux:
  The different areas in the city are called Districts and there are 10 of them, play mafia online,each with their own flair and hidden secrets. While not all were detailed, some received a few important details.
  Delway Hollow – This is where the Black Mob used to run their rackets out of. After they were wiped out by the Marcano family, the Dixie Mob moved in and began slinging heroin while providing kickbacks to Sal Marcano.
  French Ward – This is where Uncle Lou (Sal’s brother) reigns. It’s one large party with brothels and drugs running rampant.
  Frisco Fields – The affluent District of New Bordeaux where lavish mansions and sprawling fields are all around. This also happens to be the heart of the racism and corruption plaguing the city.
Players will be able to discover even more Districts and new crime syndicates as they explore the sprawling open world.

A major part of Mafia is taking the fight to the various mob bosses. This can be done in a number of ways. When you first enter a district you will gain access to several objectives that you are free to clear as you see fit. These range from eliminating certain mafia officers to taking out entire businesses. Doing so weakens your enemy’s hold on the District making it much easier for you to seize control and grow your empire.

Each of the activities is open, allowing for multiple different methods to complete an objective.  You can interrogate workers, torch properties, seize control of businesses, assassinate powerful soldiers, and more. You can also rely on a more stealthy approach if you don’t want to subject the people of New Bordeaux to more violence. The choice is yours, and the city is ripe for the taking.

For more information about the mafia game, Please visit its official site : https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=en_EN

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