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Mafia City- The Last Godfather (Mafia War Game)

Entrepreneurs around the world love this mafia game
Mafia City ended in the early 1950s, while Mafia City is set in 1968, in a fictionalised Southern United States city that’s based on New Orleans. Given the history of racism during this time and the rise of civil rights for both African-Americans and women in the USA, the era allows Yotta Games to present an almost completely different game world. The racist attitudes of the South at the time ties into how the game world treats protagonist Lincoln Clay: in certain areas, NPCs will report him as suspicious just because of the colour of his skin, while certain police officers will treat him negatively for the same reason. It’s as terrible as it is powerful.
Since we we hadn't yet had our fill of talking about the game, we decided to record a little bonus podcast where we could talk to our heart's content about the game. And uh, spoiler warning, because we go all in on this one.
Yotta Games unleashes their newest location-based RPG called Mafia City
Mafia City review – A look at Mafia City and Mafia World
Yotta Games, developers of Mafia City H5 which is a location-based fantasy RPG, h5 game,have released their second offering onto Android after having been working on this new title for quite some time now. So what is this new game? It is a mafia themed location-based RPG called Mafia City.

 Regardless of during which nation you might be (United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, and many others.) – that is for any one
Mafia City- The Last Godfather (Mafia War Game)
Grounded in history
The co-founder of Fullbright ('Gone Home,' 'Tacoma') pestered us until we would talk about one of his favorite mafia games of 2016. What were we gonna do, say no?
It’s worth noting, out of the gate, that Mafia City may look like a very different experience, but developer Yotta Games still understands the key pillars of what it takes to make a Mafia game. The Italian-American rags-to-riches rise through the ranks of the Italian Mob has been discarded in favour of a war on the Mafia by a vengeful African-American protagonist whose thirst for revenge will lead him to toppling the traditional crime family in the fictional city of New Bordeaux.
Closing Words

– Increase your income, hire men, develop your army, FIGHT against the players of your neighborhood
“Everything that is presented to the player either furthers Lincoln’s quest to take down the mob or his efforts to build up his own family. However, the player does unlock new abilities for Lincoln over time, and we encourage the player to experiment with different playstyles. We are also planning to release new features, such as Racing, in free content updates.”
All of this information is taken from the map, so you can see how using a real map has its advantages. It also makes the playing board as large as the world itself and gives players a sentimental attachment to their locations. I know the first thing I wanted to do after Mafia City H5's tutorial was claim my location and build a cabin. It will work the same way in mafia games, but buildings will come from a futuristic, cybernetic world. The UI in Mafia City will also be updated for a more streamlined, science-fiction look. For a location-based game that is usually played on a handheld device, the game looks pretty cool. There are even avatar customizations, and evil NPCs can be differentiated by their looks, so I will be able to see how tough a mob might be. I've had some interaction with Mafia City H5 for a while, so it's clear to me that Mafia Cityshows just how much the developers have pushed the graphics since the title. I could easily picture the game eventually looking like a futuristic UltimaOnline, animations and all.
Gem Making speed (Gem Making Speedup)
So I'm just curious how...How is a player like me, who hears that shit for real—not "nigger magic,"obviously, I don't do much magic—but who has had "nigger" hurled at him by dudes carrying bats, who has received lynch threats... How am I supposed to react when I hear that in the moment-to-moment gameplay, and not just in a specific bit of characterization.

– Make your way through 80 MISSIONS filled with action

Mafia City [English]: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/play/
Mafia City [Chinese Traditional]: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=zh_TW

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