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Free Mafia City update adds car customisation

August 1965 – For this one, you’ll need to look for one of the Bever’s Moonshine buildings right in the middle of this district. There’s a garage right nearby and inside you’ll find a black couch. This issue is lying on the couch.
None of this is particularly novel, but set as Mafia City is in not just 1968, but the South, and with Lincoln being African American, this is not your usual tale of organised mafia gangster game. There’s a lot to Lincoln. He’s bold, he’s charitable, he’s loyal, and he’s also a friggin’ giant. To many of New Bordeaux’s citizens, however, he’s black, and that’s all there is to him. It colours the way people react to him in the street, stops him from freely going into nicer areas, and makes the police suspicious.
Mafia City: How to Save

If you’d rather avoid dealing with the law, you’ll have to silence witnesses in one of two ways. You can either kill them by using a gun, which can garner you even more attention. Or, you can put them down non-lethally by running up to them and using melee to slam them on the ground, knocking the witness out. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you choose quickly or you’ll soon find yourself figuring out how to deal with police instead.
July 1964 – Head inside the Bayside Shipping Warehouse and look for the cage office. You’ll find the magazine lying on the desk.
Free Mafia City update adds car customisation, street racing and bright red racing car
Mafia City breaks sales records for Take-Two, but review scores "were lower than we would have liked”
Creedence Clearwater Revival –  For this one you’re going to want to make your way to Shooters Bar. Head inside and make your way to the kitchen. In the corner, you’ll find a shelf with the album cover sitting on the top.

If It Seems Like It Will Draw Attention, Don’t Do It
The bad news continues as we get to the HUD, which frequently gets in the way, and can’t be altered at all. The game also has a tendency to stop you to give you a tutorial that you’ve read several times already, that isn’t even relevant to the situation you’re in. You just have so little control over the gangster mmorpg. And any time you want to change something that you actually can tweak, you must navigate through a slow slideshow of menus that hide a smaller slideshow of menus. Fantastic!
There are two steps, exposing the lock and then pulling the lock. Once both are done you will have successfully gained access to a previously blocked off area. The first step will require rotating the left stick until you locate a green space on the lock. This will light up the Square/X prompt, exposing the lock and allowing you to actually break in.
August 1967 – To get to this one, head to the Northwest side of town and look for the loop of road that looks like an oval on its side. On the bottom section of this oval, you’ll find a green house with a light outside the front. Head through this first room of the house and directly through the doorway facing you. The Playboy magazine is on the table on the right side of this room.

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