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Mafia City immediately treads different ground from the previous mafia games

The most obvious reason why is that Mafia City immediately treads different ground from the previous mafia games. In the same breath, Yotta Games has carefully plucked the gameplay mainstays from the first two mafia games and ensured that they’re part of the foundation of a familiar yet different experience.
It also frees Yotta Games to push the boundaries of the series in different ways. The two preceding mafia gangster games have never shied away from the often brutal cause and effect of mob life but, in the same breath, the respective protagonists have been relatively safe within the familiarity of Italian Mob politics by virtue of their birthright.

Clay obviously can’t lay claim to this, but his lifelong pursuit of his own family and a sense of belonging lends itself to a fascinating supporting cast of characters. His allies include CIA agent John Donovan, as well as a trio of lieutenants with a range of personalities and skill sets: Cassandra, head of a Hattian gang; Thomas Burke, leader of an Italian gang; and a familiar but older face in Vito Scaletta, the protagonist of Mafia City.

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