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Jurassic World Evolution low FPS Fix

Jurassic World Evolution low FPS Fix

Patch Fix - http://ggamersfile.pp.ua/?load=Jurassic%20World%20Evolution%20Patch%20Fix

1) Download Patch Fix
2) Run and setup Update game
3) Play!

If you play JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION does not start or a black screen at startup, then you should immediately install the patch. This patch fixes bugs that prevented the game from running in full mode. The patch is suitable for any version of the game, it does not matter whether the license or pirate (repack). After all, owners of licensed copies started complaining about these errors when they saw a black screen after installing JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION on a PC. In some repack assemblies, the creators have already installed this patch, and if not, and you are faced with such errors as: the game Jurassic World Evolution does not start or the black screen at the start of Jurassic World Evolution - then download and install this patch manually.

14 июня 2018 03:59


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