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The reasons of Mafia City H5's success

Once the jumpsuits were on, the interrupting cut scenes went away for a while as Joe and Vito worked their way up the hotel via the elevator to infiltrate the mob boss's conference room under the pretense of "cleaning up a mess." While they're on their way, they pass so close to the mob boss they intend to kill that they overhear snippets of his conversation with some other mob bosses – something to do with "the mess."


Damned if I got any impression of that during this demo, though. The debug Xbox 360 chugged like a frat boy as the car moved through the giant sandbox-ish city (remember – Mafia game online are unlike Grand Theft Auto in that the sandbox is built around a linear story instead of the other way around). According to Grace, there are no loading screens in the game, so I expect the new Illusion engine has a lot of work to do in these early pre-alpha builds.

Once at the hotel, a short cut scene shows Vito and Joe leaving their getaway driver in the basement parking garage of the hotel. In a bit of video game pedantry, the game drops the player back into the game to walk the equivalent of like 30 feet to open a door, only to go into another cut scene where Joe tells Vito to put on a janitor's jumpsuit as part of the plan. I get the impression that these cut scenes dotting long sequences of gameplay where nothing happens while characters talk while moving are supposed to make me feel like I'm watching a movie. But since I wasn't playing the game, it just came off as annoying. And pedantic almost as if the game is saying, "Look, this is what we can do with storytelling, yay!"


Mafia City H5



This section of Room Service is an example of the story being told mostly through in-game sequences. While walking, Joe went off about how the guy was right there and they could just whack him. Vito talked him down under his breath and urged Joe to stick to the plan.
"The plan" is this: plant a bomb in the conferences room, run the wires out the window (because remote controls don't exist in the 50s), go up to the roof and ride the window-washing scaffold down to the conference room window, hook up the bomb and then go back up to the roof to set it off. You don't have to be very creative to think of at least three ways this plan could go tits-up.
In the conference room, there is a giant smear of blood on the floor – the "mess" Vito and Joe are supposed to clean up. While Joe throws wires out the window, the player can move Vito freely – to look at the blood smear or just gaze out the window at the massive city spread out 30 stories below.

Here's where I could see the beginnings of that "authentic city" Grace was talking about. While it doesn't mimic New York as closely as Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City, the sheer size and detail of the world outside that conference room window was enough to evoke a sense of immersion, even without having complete freedom to explore it all. I could see the little dots of cars moving on the streets, the lines of people down on the sidewalk, and even that shimmering heat illusion coming off the nearby buildings as the sun blazed down on the busy metropolis. And all of this was rendered on a build that's only pre-alpha – imagine how the finished product will look.


Mafia City H5



Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲H5, thank you!

12 июня 2018 15:50


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