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looking at the potential for pushing SoulCalibur onto mobile platforms in the future

Hoshino added in the recent interview the reason for going free-to-play Soulcalibur was to expand to casual players and "wasn't so much about the business model itself." The producer said the team is looking at the potential for pushing SoulCalibur onto mobile platforms in the future but the focus is currently on Lost Swords.

The SoulCalibur game’s visuals have been given a significant overhaul thanks to the generational upgrade, with the characters looking as good or better than those in SoulCalibur. The game certainly seems to have taken a bit of inspiration from SoulCalibur on its use of dynamic camera angles and slowing down time during intense moments as well. In terms of SoulCalibur 6’s speed and match flow, it felt a bit like a return-to-form for the series, reminding several players at Evo Japan of the arcade-based, competition-friendly SoulCalibur.

'Reversal Edge' will work similarly to the 'Guard Impact' system found in previous Soul Calibur games, except that instead of simply leaving the opponent open for an attack if you successfully pull the counter off, you can pull of specific counter moves to take advantage of the openings you create.

Hoshino said at a pre-Tokyo Game Show press event last year that the decision to focus on single-player missions in Lost Swords was due to players' interest in the characters and world setting of the series, not the game's versus modes. According to Hoshino, Namco's marketing research showed that many Soulcalibur fans were not into competitive play.

The trailer (below) also shows off other elements integral to the series will be making a return in Soul Calibur game: the 8-way run, vertical and horizontal attacks and what look like 'finishing' moves will all be present.

The Soul Calibur game will be handled by a different team to GameSprite's recent Tekken 7 project, but Okubo noted that he will be working closely with Harada's Tekken team to ensure the lessons learned on that project can also be applied to SoulCalibur 6.

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine, the Soulcalibur series’ most notorious fighter, will return for Soulcalibur 6, GameSprite confirmed today. Ivy stars in one of two new gameplay trailers for the fighting game; the other confirms the return of Zasalamel.

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12 марта 2018 14:33


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