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Plenty of deck types in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution mobile game


There are gazillions of cards and they can be sorted into six or seven different categories. They are all used at different times in different circumstances.  They each have different effects and times when they can be played. In order to win, you need to use a healthy amount of variety between various kinds of cards. My daughter had to learn not only the different types but the different circumstances under which to use them.

Attachments can be either special effects (like a bonus for the Lady’s boon in Lothlórien), armor, or weapons. And this is one of many places in which Walaszek said Instantfuns Interactive had to take the design of cards and modify them for digital user interfaces.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution


He couldn't count how many tournaments he'd won, but he said he usually came out on top about every third competition.
Instantfuns has decided that since you’ve all been awesome when it comes to playing yu-gi-oh duel evolution, they’re going to give you something extra special to celebrate the one-year anniversary. According to the company, the game has seen over 60 million downloads worldwide, with “more than 9.5 billion Duels played and 1.1 billion card packs opened.
Here’s a brief overview of the game, via Instantfuns:
Gems and gold, the two free currencies, are used to purchase booster packs and individual cards. You can also spend real money on packs, but you unlock cards and earn gems so rapidly that it's not at all necessary. You can easily earn $1 worth of gems in a few minutes just by letting the autopilot duel weak AI. So without spending anything, you could build a respectable deck after a few days of modest playtime.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution Benefit Hall

Here’s the complete schedule of the Duelist Challenges.
Food, accommodation and his travel to Japan was all paid for, Chiew said.
You know the drill. It's time to d-d-d-duel!
“Our victim is actually the person who designed the card. She drew it,” the detective said.
Still technically ranked 96th in the world, Crush had proved that he was capable of competing on a top-50 level.

It’s rather easy to unlock card game yu gi oh in Duel Evolution. Duelists will simply have to make their way through the first map (or as Duel Evolution calls them, zones). Completing each zone unlocks a new reward once you make it through. Also, a new round will unlock once you complete the Forest, Ocean, Labyrinth, Pegasus Castle and Final Duel zones.

If you are interested in the game - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution, Please visit: http://h5.ygo.instantfuns.com/

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