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you announced that you are about to wear the wedding dress gillne.com

Mom is always mom ... maybe. In reality there are many types of mothers and even if you thought you knew your perfection, she could take on a completely unexpected role when you announced that you are about to wear the wedding dress! There will be the one who will quiver even to accompany you to buy the wedding shoes, the one that will immediately start talking about money and will already count the number of wedding invitations to send, the one that will not say anything but will help you a lot. Let's see them all!
1. The mother wedding planner
In the preparation of the wedding, most likely your mother could be anxious. Do you think it's bad? In reality this is not entirely true.

The fact of continually asking you things like "Did you look at the 2018 wedding dress catalog that I brought you?" petrol blue bridesmaid dresses, "Did you book the boutique for the test?", "Did you hear the parish priest for the pre-marital course?" they will end you eventually, but they will not make you forget even a commitment. The beauty arrives in the end, when you really have to thank her for her apprehensions: your mother wedding planner will have made you arrive three months from the wedding with all the items of the to do list popped!

2. The invisible mother
Often this role is played by the future mother-in-law, or the mother of the groom. Like him, this mother will be able to enjoy the attention focused on the bride mother of the bride dresses with jacket, so that it will be easier to hide the tension of the moment. The invisible mother acts undisturbed: she ties her over her son's wedding dress, keeps the wedding rings in her purse waiting for the right moment, stays close to him until the arrival of her future wife ... reassuring him as only she knows how to do.

13 февраля 2019 12:29

For summer or spring weddings we suggest you opt

In case you get married with a civil ceremony in the charming bucolic setting of a villa, maybe the same one where the reception will take place, you can give free rein to your creativity, paying particular attention to the spaces, enriching them with installations, curtains or gazebos , bales of hay, carts of rough wood and bicycles.

Even the chairs of the couple will play a key role during the ceremony, which is why embellish them with buttercups, dahlias and lilies of the valley or; if your will be a bouquet of peonies, you could devise a delicate composition with peonies gathered from long strips of tulle. Finally, adorn the adjacent tree-lined path with glass jars, and if the wedding takes place in the evening, you can place it in the lanterns and scented candles that help to create a fascinating game of fragrances and dim lights.

Some tips on the banquet
If the reception will be held in a barn or in a farmhouse, it will be necessary to identify the right details to guarantee a unique result: the vintage style in this case is the most appropriate one. Let's start from the tableau de mariage; there are several that adapt to this type of background, for example silver sparkly bridesmaid dresses, the leather suitcases of the past, antique mirrors or a nostalgic selection of retro photos hanging from a rope using wooden clothespins.

For summer or spring weddings we suggest you opt for an open-air aperitif with a slightly hippie character with food trucks: each van will have specific dishes or drinks, and guests can take a pleasant tour among the various vans and taste them the delights offered.

30 января 2019 08:50

from simple wedding dresses in satin to those in lace gillne.com

Elegant lace

When it comes to veils, lace is an evergreen. The latest trends give birth to very special embroideries, applied to the edges not only of the long veils a cappella or a cathedral, but also of the shorter ones, at the elbow or at the waist. Whatever the length chosen cocktail dresses cheap, the lace lends itself well to accompany garments of every style and fabric, from simple wedding dresses in satin to those in lace, with mermaid cut, princess or redingote.
Touches of light
Among the latest trends lace wedding dress patterns, we also find that to insert small light points, for example glitter or sequins, along the entire length of the veil or only at the edges. These details, especially if placed on short and medium-length veils, give brightness to the face and create games of recalls with other elements of the wedding dress, from the inserts of the dress to those of the jewel sandals.

The mantilla, a romantic choice

For brides looking for a romantic, classic and very feminine look, the mantilla will never go out of fashion. It is a long veil edged with wonderful embroidery, typical of the Spanish tradition. It is placed in the center of the head and then falls softly on the sides, framing the face and highlighting the eyes and lips. With a natural bridal makeup and a simple hairstyle, this veil gives a princess-like look from another era.
After the dress and the wedding shoes, the veil is the element of the outfit most in sight on the wedding day. Whether your style is traditional or modern, the latest trends really adapt to every taste and personality, leaving you spoiled for choice.

25 января 2019 11:16

such as being perfect in the wedding dress or the color

The speech

If your father is someone who loves to express his feelings and his thoughts, or if he does not mind being the center of attention, he is likely to give a speech, asking for a toast. This will turn out to be a moving moment, because it will enrich the reception, and the weddings will become an even more unique moment. Remember to ask someone to film everything in order to always carry with you the anecdotes, the phrases of love, the emotion and the laughter that will accompany your father's speech at the wedding.

The first dance
You will open the dance by dancing with your father, as if he would give you to your future husband, with whom you will dance only immediately afterwards. Remember to select the perfect soundtrack for this moment, for example with touching songs full of romantic and tender phrases that have marked your path to date. If you want a suggestion, read the texts of Father and son by Cat Stevens or My Father's Eyes by Eric Clapton and decide if one of the two pieces can be suitable for the dance. These are songs that you can listen to your dad at any time jovani black cocktail dress, even now, to remind them of how special it is for you.
At the end of the day, many things that seemed essential will become only negligible details, such as being perfect in the wedding dress or the color of the decorations, because you will realize that what really made the difference was not the magnificence of your wedding hairstyle, but the opportunity you have had to share moments and long periods of time with those you love:
not just your spouse, but your family too; in particular, your father, perhaps the man you love most or the one with whom you have the most intense and controversial relationship Gillne.com, is certainly the one who never leaves you indifferent, which is part of you and of what you have become today.

23 января 2019 08:42

the wedding like the woman in her wedding dress

History of a dream
This is the title that has distinguished Carlo Pignatelli's special capsule for men's formal wear but, in reality, "Storia di un sogno" is much more than just a title: it is the prelude to a retrospective that unveils the exhibition dedicated to the fashion house Piemontese, organized inside the salons of the SiSposa Italia. Over 500 square meters dedicated to the representative garments of the company's sartorial work, historical machines and a photographic archive with important shots like those of Michel Comte and Dario Bellatti, to relive the history of Carlo Pignatelli ever since he dreamed of becoming a master couturier.

An original way with which the designer has opened the doors and the heart to his memories and to the history of his label, paying tribute to the great public thanks to which, year after year, his collections have become part of the history of costume, becoming in the world a true style icon for the male universe.

So, between past, present and future, Carlo Pignatelli traces a line of continuity Gillne, wishing to travel his exploration journey through the male universe, while remaining faithful to the awareness of wanting to give man that twist of eccentric madness that can make him feel the protagonist of the wedding, like the woman in her wedding dress.

Sophisticated elegance and accessories complete an outfit with meticulous attention to detail: from garment fabrics to jacket lapels, from buttons to belts. To define his personalized look and tailor made there are them evening dress for wedding, the brooches, the cover and cufflinks precious and with craftsmanship: infinitesimal details that only a man who loves Pignatelli style wants to enhance the same way as a jewel sandal for women .

18 января 2019 08:58

Elegant ceremonial dresses designed for a woman in search gillne.com

Spanish fashion ambassador in the world and present in 54 countries, Sonia Peña presented her new collection of bold and refined style dresses on the catwalks of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Elegant ceremonial dresses designed for a woman in search of a sophisticated look that makes her shine in a special event, such as during the wedding of a dear couple of friends, when she pronounces the wedding phrases of a speech that will tear everyone smile. Come and discover it with us!

Originally from Malaga, Sonia Peña is one of the most demanding designers in terms of design and refinement in the production of its garments; thanks to its constant commitment over the years it has been possible to create a concept that combines style and elegance in a single dress.
Mood inspired by the New York of Studio 54
Studio 54 & Colección Cocktail is inspired by the disco music of the 70s to the colors and light effects of the famous New York club. The result of this transposition was a line of mise that encompass energy mother of the bride dresses sale, light and colors, suitable for those who wish to shine with their own light during the event and maybe even on the dance floor.
Creations for elaborate with ethereal fabrics, which create a harmonious common thread with the world of nature through floral embroidery that recall a romantic bouquet of flowers.
An incomparable touch of sensuality

Thanks to the use of transparencies and lace on bold tattoo lace effects cobalt blue bridesmaid dress, the garments of the line enjoy an unparalleled touch of sensuality. The flimsy skirts with vertiginous slits allow a comfortable freedom of movement for the duration of the party, leaving the sexy forms of the body to the gentle gaze of others; in the same way also the deep necklines and the crop tops that leave the navel uncovered.

15 января 2019 12:08

elegant jumpsuits and short dresses for the hottest days

Have you been invited to a summer wedding and are you on the high seas with the choice of a formal dress? Do not worry, in this article you will find a selection of 50 women's formal dresses that can be desired at first sight: between long models, elegant jumpsuits and short dresses for the hottest days, what do you prefer? We try to give you some tips to make things easier ... you still have some time before the date written on your wedding date arrives!

No more than two colors

This is the advice: if you do not want to sin with exuberance and maintain an enviable style, do not risk more than two colors in your outfit. The only exception will be the case in which you decide to wear beautiful sandals jewel, which can only shine with a thousand colors. We suggest you bring them under a monochromatic dress, like the blue night of Morilee or the magenta model of Eleni Elias: a sinuous jumpsuite, embellished with tone-on-tone stones.

Long life to shrugs
If your friends will say the phrases for promises of marriage in a church, you must remember to bring a shawl or a shawl with you, despite the summer heat. We advise you to buy one that matches your elegant formal dress, but at the same time can be used on another occasion. In fact, this item of clothing is very versatile and can be used in all seasons: to shelter from the summer breeze, like a jacket in the spring and in the early autumn days, but also under the winter coat.
We suggest you take a look at the original turquoise jumpsuit of Nicole Cocktail and Evening and its fluttering coordinated shawl crimson red bridesmaid dresses, as well as the elegance of the one invented by Victor J Granados, where the antique rose of floral embroideries rests gracefully on a total black fabric.

11 января 2019 08:39

you can also draw inspiration for original wedding favors

Alternatives to the classic tree
The tree of desires can also be understood in a different form from the classical one, made with other materials and forms.

For example, if you are delighted in the handmade world, you have prepared some pretty DIY wedding place cards, but above all, you also have talent in drawing you can think of presenting the tree in the form of a beautiful painting on a large canvas on which to glue various greeting cards. In case you are not skilled in drawing, do not worry, there are many typographies that deal specifically with the creation of paper material for the wedding.
In place of the cards, you can also use polaroids, behind which everyone can write their dedication and hang it on the tree; among the many you should not miss a self-timer with your future husband and a romantic phrase on the back of the photo with the date of the most beautiful day of your life. What do you think?
The ideal time to expose it
Most likely you have wondered what the best time is to start the tree show. The most suitable moment to show it could be during the welcome cocktail or even after the start of the dances and the entertainment games; the joy of those moments can be an excellent source of inspiration to give free rein to the imagination.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can turn out to be the winning ones plus size wedding dresses, if the idea of inserting the wish tree into the reception decorations has made you passionate, we remind you that you can also draw inspiration for original wedding favors. How? With boxes containing mini plants with a small notepad, which lead back to the world of nature and create a delicate fil rouge with the tree of desires. A wedding favor that will certainly please everyone and everyone will be happy to exhibit at home.

08 января 2019 10:40

funny wedding phrases will be immortalized on your album gillne.com

9. The three little monkeys
The photo is simple: take the witnesses and maybe even the father of the bride and invite them to pose in accordance with the game of I do not see, I do not hear and do not speak. Almost wanting to simulate the three wise little monkeys, referring to one in a situation in which something is deliberately ignored or avoids talking about it in order not to run into error.
10. Like in movies

Reproduce in one shot the famous scenes of a film, an event, a book or simply frames that have gone down in history like the cover of the Beatles album while crossing the Abbey Road walkway or the romantic Romeo balcony scene and Giulietta.
11. Encrypted messages
The most popular are those written under the sole of shoes but also on posters Gillne.com, on slates or, as in this case, attached to the bow tie. Thus, funny wedding phrases will be immortalized on your album of memories.

12. Hands up
Do you know the exit from the Church and the attack on spouses with rice, confetti and so on and so forth? Well, there is a way to anticipate everyone by changing the fate of the game. Equip yourself with small water pistols and as soon as you cross the threshold of the door wedding dress with colored tulle, unleash yourself with "Hands up" ready to hit all the guests lined up with rice.
13. Magic reflections
The reflections are always custodians of charm: whether through a mirror, a puddle or the side mirror of a car; sometimes shots are posed but many others are the photographer who manages to capture the reflection through a spontaneous photo.

03 января 2019 12:42

Like little points of diamond in this immaculate territory

Like little points of diamond in this immaculate territory there are them: the beaches like those encountered in Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio. The crystalline sea contains a concentrate of sky blue hues, which at times reflect the color of the sun and the beauty of the seabed, while miles of fine white sand stretch out all around. Keep in mind the coconut island for your walks with jeweled sandals, a sought-after destination declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Do not miss a visit to the capital of San Jose to combine art and culture. Costa Rica is the clear representation of how the honeymoon can open up a myriad of potentials suitable for experiencing a holiday full of adventure: let yourself be transported by adrenaline activities that can offer you like rafting, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing and surfing .
Travel informed: tips for the suitcase

Flight hours: from Italy it takes about 12 hours of flight considering any stopovers;
Language: the most spoken language is Spanish;
Currency: Costa Rican Colón with a conversion rate of 1 Euro = 661.6498 Costa Rican Colon;

Tipping: there is no obligation to tip especially in the resort grades except for bellhops and orderlies which it is good practice to tip in the face of good service. The same rule also applies to tourist guides;

Vaccines: there is no requirement for vaccines and prophylaxis;
Food: among the specialties include gallo pinto (black beans and rice), casado (single dish with rice Gillne, beans, meat or fish long chiffon bridesmaid dress, fried bananas, carrot, tomato and cabbage salad), arroz (fried rice with chicken or shrimp), soups and stews of legumes and meat, empanadas and tortilla de queso.

28 декабря 2018 08:34

you have already completed your wedding outfit

It's time for flowers
Finally, the time for flowers has arrived. Yes, just the one in which you will evaluate if you prefer a bouquet of fuchsia peonies or one of white roses. At the same time, you will have to decide the floral decorations for the church and eventually the reception hall, the table for the couple and so on and so forth!
As for the ingredients of the menu, even the flowers are seasonal and so you can not see for yourself those that will be part of your wedding in advance, unless you opt for import choices. Of course, the expert you are entrusted with will be able to tell you which are the typical flowers of a certain period of the year sell prom dresses, but to feel their scent does all another effect ... does not it?

Now that we have explained what we think should be done sixty days from the wedding we are very curious ... what do you have left to do for two months of the wedding? Maybe you have been so good that you have already completed your wedding outfit, including wedding shoes. Perhaps you are putting your hands in your hair because you have not yet been able to find ideas for wedding place cards. Courage, cut out a little space in one day and ... do it as soon as possible!
But the most famous is undoubtedly the Jerez wine, which is distinguished by its orange color and seems to have become Sherry by the mouth of Shakespeare in person.

I wonder if, like you have filled small bottles of limoncino to give to your guests as DIY wedding favors, the inhabitants of Andalusia do the same with this liqueur wine ... why do not you try to ask?

25 декабря 2018 12:47

your wedding will have a specific theme such as painting gillne.com

More and more married couples prefer to opt for a unique gift, ideal for women and men. Although it may seem an almost impossible choice, you will soon understand that the fundamental thing is to start from the sector or the kind of gift. We have proposed 7, with objects that can be modulated either as wedding favors, with the most sought-after design or the most important shopping, or as wedding place cards, smaller and less expensive.
1. Design and furnishings

In this sector is enclosed the whole world dedicated to the art of furnishing, to the refined design, to the decorative choices to fill the spaces of the house. An example can be the fragrances for the environment, the dehumidifiers, the small bedside lamps like the Pumi pumi or simply the ornaments for the living area, perhaps with assorted subjects. Choose neutral shades so as to be perfect for men and women regardless of the style of furniture of the various houses.

2. Cadeaux to eat
The idea of opting for the food sector is always centered, whatever article you choose. The tasting sets are a treat to give as a combo with chopping boards, glasses, corkscrew, cups or teapots depending on the chosen item. Lately, the cocotte have become popular as an original and tasty wedding favor, ideal also for a single guest.
3. In the meanders of art

Taking refuge on a piece of art can be the optimal solution especially if your wedding will have a specific theme such as painting cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses, sculpture white wedding dresses history, reading or music.

20 декабря 2018 11:46

the wedding announcement reported in the wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are extremely important: they are the first creative and decorative details; they are often the protagonists of a flat lay style shooting (photo from above); they contain phrases for marriage and important information for the ceremony but above all they are the first means by which the spouses announce the style and colors of the wedding. So let's see how to compose the structure of the ad by understanding the exact order of your names to be shown inside.

The parents' announcement

Just as tradition and etiquette dictate. The announcement formulated by parents is part of those choices that have now fallen into disuse over time and with fashion. In fact, if parents had an important role in the organizational choices and in the management of the wedding, nowadays the spouses are more and more independent and far from the archaic concepts of "dowry" and "consent". This kind of formula, however, can not be used when: there are couples of separated parents, especially if there is no good blood between the ex-spouses; one of the future spouses is an orphan of a father or mother; the spouses have already lived together.

In any case, in extremely formal ceremonies, the wedding announcement reported in the wedding invitations starts right from the couple's parents pine green bridesmaid dresses, with the bride's name written on the left and the bride's name on the right since it is the father of the bride who grants to the groom daughter's hand.
The formal announcement of the spouses
The formula commonly used is that which provides for the announcement directly of the spouses as a sign of independence, responsibility and conviction.

18 декабря 2018 10:40

Do you have a classic style and formal-style dresses

When you need me, you will always find me near you. Always waiting for you. And I would like to be light and soft when you want to be alone. "

If the idea of using poetic verses has engulfed you, intrigued and fascinated so much that you do not know what to choose, remember that you can extrapolate some verses or small phrases to be reproduced to make your wedding place cards. For example, print them on rigid cards, decorated with special graphics: they will become beautiful bookmarks that your guests can use over time.
Sara Lorenzoni

The important thing is that the collar of the shirt that goes with it has the sail and is therefore not to the Korean. Particular attention should also be given to the colors! The white bow tie must be used only and exclusively with the tailcoat, while for the tuxedo it is advisable to wear it black. Do you have a classic style and formal-style dresses are your passion? Then the bow tie is right for you!

To enhance a slender body
Unlike a normal tie long sleeve cocktail dresses, the bow tie is a much smaller accessory with less visibility. Moreover, it leaves a lot of "empty" space on the chest area, with the risk of highlighting what could be small physical imperfections of the groom who will wear it. For a man with strong shoulders or expanded chest, the bow tie is not recommended, when it would lose importance enough to be almost inappropriate.
Marzia Wedding Photographer
Did you understand what you must avoid telling a future bride? If you find it difficult to squeeze out the wedding phrases among the wedding phrases, keep this simple concept in mind: no one likes to feel new problems, but will surely appreciate new ideas and solutions.

13 декабря 2018 13:09

Surely you will have to send those wedding invitations

Sending your wedding invitations will truly be a moment of pure emotion; in this moment you will realize that your wedding is just around the corner! Soon the answers of your guests will begin to arrive, and this will make everything even more real. However, you must first make sure that some steps are taken to ensure that your invitations contain the right phrases for marriage and arrive in good condition to the recipients. Let's see together what to do before sending invitations to guests!
1. Check the tone
Re-reading is important for eliminating typos, spelling errors or simple typing, but checking the writing tone is just as important. It means that the invitation must be set according to a precise logic: a formal announcement organza wedding dress, suitable for an elegant reception, must respect the rules of etiquette in the text as well as in the header. An original announcement must maintain a friendly tone throughout the text, with fun wedding phrases winking at the protocol.

2. Inquire about shipments

Surely you will have to send those wedding invitations that for a series of reasons, organizational or logistic, you will not be able to deliver in person. In this case, try to find out about the shipping centers that are closest to your needs, costs, timing, weight and above all any relief decorations that could be omitted on the invitations to be sent, unless you decide to insert the latter inside an additional envelope that preserves their integrity.
3. Decorate the envelope
Once you have made sure of the shipping methods, you can start to unleash your imagination by decorating the envelope: closures, laces, lacquer wax, ribbons, twine, chalks, stamps, knots, bows, clothespins, raffia, perfumed essences for paper or phrases of love in relief.

10 декабря 2018 08:45

out of the dressing room with a fabulous mermaid dress

The date of the happy event is set, and it is time to make an appointment for the first test of the long-awaited white dress: a magical moment, dreamed and long desired by many women, who must be experienced at best and with the right preparation.
Which underwear to wear? How to make up? Who should be accompanied to the atelier?
Here are some of the questions that every future bride poses, before the fateful trial.

No fear! Here is a list of simple, effective, tips to get to the test of the wedding dress perfectly at ease and enjoy every moment, without stress.


The temptation, during such a special event, is to invite many people to share the emotion of the white dress test to the full. It is good to remember, however, that the dress is a personal choice of every bride and that every guest, even to justify their presence at the atelier, will tend to give his opinion, confusing you. What if, in the face of a dress that makes your head spin, your aunt should shake her head?
How to behave if, out of the dressing room with a fabulous mermaid dress, the childhood friend expressed his disagreement watermelon pink bridesmaid dresses, pushing you to the fluffy dress? To focus on what you really like, and let yourself go, invite only a few people to the wedding dress test, the ones that are dearer and who know you better. They will be able to advise you and support you in such an important choice, without imposing their opinion at all costs.

05 декабря 2018 09:08

the wedding list has undergone important changes

It may also be difficult to draw up a list of what you need, but it is essential to avoid unwelcome or completely useless gifts

We all know very well that the preparations for deciding what to insert on the wedding list can often create some doubt or indecision. But all in all, given the aberrations to which the free initiative of some guests may arrive, it is advisable for the spouses to deposit the classic list in a specialized shop so as not to run the risk of collecting seven coffee services, terrifying swan-shaped lamps and not a single fork. Patience then if the old friend or the snobby aunt of the mother turn up the nose disgusted by this shopping list.
Over the course of time, the wedding list has undergone important changes dresses for special occasions uk, but the imprint of the right quality-price ratio remains.

This system with which the spouses direct the invited persons in the choice of the most appreciated gifts, was born in the USA at the beginning of the twentieth century and spread in Italy at the beginning of the seventies. Over the years this reminder has also undergone a gradual evolution inevitably linked to changes in progress and customs. Many spouses orient their choices on luxurious and fine dishes or on beautiful crystal glasses, favoring the preparation of the table or on alternative, new and enjoyable wedding lists, perhaps represented by the honeymoon.
Above all in the last ten years the consent of the young couples has been received, the wedding list based on hi-tech, that is on new technologies. Televisions, stereos and super smart appliances today are a valuable aid in the development of daily life. It seems, in fact, that the concept of quality of life that pervades the time spent in the home enhances the meaning of the small gestures of every day.

30 ноября 2018 11:52

the choice of a lace dress with hedonistic transparencies

For Kim Kardashian, after motherhood, it's marriage time. If the engagement ring given to her by her future husband, the rapper Kanye West, has made the most famous socialite of the globe even the happiest and increased the commitments of the industrious Kim. In addition to following her many activities, Kardashian is about to plan her wedding (and exclusive annexes).
The couple had revealed that they wanted to formalize the bond, already crowned by the birth of little North, with a ceremony in July, but it seems that the two stars have decided to focus on spring, to be precise in May.
According to the English tabloid Daily Mail, Kim and his partner already planned their second child within the year.

Kanye West - according to some sources - would have full creative control of the wedding, including the choice of the bride's dress, which we are sure, will be among the most anticipated of the year after having posed with a classic for the cover of People. Nothing happens by chance.
Violante Placido lived the pregnancy with discretion, while not giving up public occasions. With the same sobriety that has characterized the management of her image, the actress naturally addresses the coexistence between the parental role and the public one, to which she no longer takes away space.

In Sanremo, his sophisticated and sensual style has been aroused by the choice of a lace dress with hedonistic transparencies to enhance a dry but mature physique made sweeter by the birth of his little Vasco. His exceptional naturalness, on the stage of the Ariston, on which he performed alongside the Pertubazione in the magnificent 'La Donna Cannone' by Francesco De Gregori, confirmed the versatility of Violante special occasion dresses, which shows, in a circus sometimes excessive and superfluous, a lightness aware, never vulgar.

27 ноября 2018 11:28

It is a youthful and witty dress very suitable for young brides

We love our dad a lot, he has a big heart and all we want is that he is happy. If he is happy, we are happy. (Kendall and Kylie Kardashian)

Now, while not declaring itself as such, Jenner would like to assume the role of spokesperson for the transgender community: "This is the objec- tive of my life. This is the reason why God put me on Earth maggie sottero black and white wedding dress, to face this problem ".
The exclusive interview given to the 20/20 broadcast of ABC recorded the beauty of 17 million viewers. His story will also become a special television broadcast by E! in eight episodes starting on July 26th. Variety expresses skepticism about the program: "Maybe Jenner will try to build the kind of narration that will wink to a wider audience, with the risk of touching the trash. This would be a small price to pay considering its noble objective: to raise public awareness of the transgender world, which has suffered greatly from prejudice and ignorance ".

Short: it's a cool and cheeky dress. Suitable for disengaged and witty weddings, for this reason it is advisable for young brides who want to bet everything on their legs.
Peplo: a dress inspired by antiquity, is a draped and fluid pattern that conceals imperfections and irregularities.
Empire style: close to the chest, it is cut immediately under the breast and then go down smoothly. This model is advisable to those who have a nice décolleté and generous hips to hide.
Charlestone: this model goes back to the thirties. It can be short to the knee or long, often embellished with fringes, flounces or laces. It is a youthful and witty dress, very suitable for young brides and for those who love vintage atmospheres.
Colored: for those looking for an alternative to the classic white and ivory, you can opt for pastel colors or decorations such as flowers turquoise bridesmaid dresses, belts, designs of other shades that may resume the second color of the wedding.

22 ноября 2018 09:03

I would like to know how much I have to spend with my son

Good evening, I would like to ask what my father's rights are. I am separated (not married) I have a 7 year old son. It's been 5 years since the child is with the mother, who went abroad for a period of almost a year, so I could not see him. Then in the holidays I can not see it (birthday, Christmas and more). I spend a maintenance of € 150 a month, just for food because clothes or gifts like toys I buy them apart, I work part time 25 hours a week, I have to pay my wife and two children plus my mother to my country.
I would like to know how much I have to spend with my son, how many times a year can I see him (provided until now I have seen him twice in 2015 and now I should wait for school holidays because my mother does not want me to take him for a weekend so I see him only two or three times, I live in Milan and he now lives in San Benedetto del Tronto (he used to live in Milan).

The problem that I submit is composed of two distinct themes, certainly linked to each other, but certainly not proportional. There is in fact no correlation between the quantum of the maintenance allowance and your right of visit.
As regards exclusively the economic part white wedding dress with black lace, the obligation to contribute to the needs of the children weighs on both parents in proportion of their financial resources. Being the minor entrusted to the mother, who then provides for maintenance in direct form, you will have the obligation to pay a monthly allowance, as indeed already does. The judge, in determining the amount of the allowance for the child, considers the "current needs of the child", which are realized, not only, in the needs, but also in the legitimate aspirations of the child and, more generally in his prospects of life.

Assuming that a monthly allowance of € 150 is already to be considered quite small, if its economic condition has undergone (obviously pejorative) changes, such as a sizeable or significant reduction in the paycheck, or even if its family loads have increased ( for example, for the birth of a new child) from the moment when the judge has established the amount of the allowance blue white wedding dresses, you can certainly request a reduction, even if it is objectively unlikely that you can fall below 100 € monthly.

19 ноября 2018 09:03

she went out with her friends wearing a sexy dress

Federica Pellegrini was honored by the Tapiro d'Oro for the love crisis with Filippo Magnini. As revealed by the magazine Chi la love story between the two champions would have come to an end, even if those directly involved never confirmed it openly.
Also the weekly directed by Signorini makes it known that during the weekend Magnini and Pellegrini were together in Riccione involved in the absolute winter swimming championships where the champion won her one hundred and one hundredth medal. It was the first weekend they shared after the beginning of their crisis in October. Together they trained and made purchases for Christmas.

Filippo also tried to win back Faith with a tender gesture of a man in love, a caress on his head. But at the end of the races everyone returned home: she in Jesolo where she went out with her friends wearing a sexy dress, he in Pesaro from the family.
Before returning, Pellegrini commented on Magnini: "These are things that can not be said. Certain things are better resolved between us ". Also at the microphones of Valerio Staffelli Federica was rather vague answering the question of whether his story was really over: "Who knows, maybe yes or maybe not".
To those who then pointed out to the swimmers who went along with the Aniene's year-end party 50 s style prom dresses, Federica immediately replied: "What's that got to do with it, we're part of the same company ... We're teammates". And he confirmed that the Christmas holidays will spend them apart. Pellegrini in the family, while maybe Magnini will go to the Maldives (like Belen). The latter then reiterated piccato not to want to comment on the statements of what now seems to be his ex-girlfriend.

14 ноября 2018 08:32

the lace dress with the wool maxi cardigan I like a lot

I know, many of you will be allergic even to the idea ... and instead let us say that the laces are not so bad, indeed! Beyond the fact that they may or may not go out of fashion (and now they are super trendy, try the film "The Deception" by Sofia Coppola, presented at the Venice Film Festival: a riot of lace and crinoline!), if worn in the right way, it can be a detail that makes the difference. Here is my advice on how to adjust in case of sudden desire for lace.
1. Lace and lace how to: avoid excessive transparency

The beautiful thing about lace is precisely that "I can not see" effect. Here: an effect is indeed, and the "I do not see" part is also foreseen. It is nice that the skin will look at the transparencies, but be careful not to expire in the vulgar, because it is a matter of a moment. Attentive to the choice of lingerie, prefer the nude color, if you want to be on the safe side.
2. Lace and lace how to: make them rock
Do not you like the "granny" style? Well, then make the super rock laces, using the same tricks that I suggested to match the floral dresses in autumn: add denim, leather, sneakers and biker boots or amphibians. Personally, it's the look I prefer, easy to make and trendy without overdoing it. Another good alternative is the tricot: the lace dress with the wool maxi cardigan I like a lot!

3. Lace and lace how to: eye to make-up

If you want a bon ton effect, go on a neutral, clean, good girl makeup. If you like the rock style above, do not be afraid to dare with a strong lipstick: burgundy or dark red in my opinion they are perfect. I would focus on the lips rather than on the eyes, then on lips in evidence instead of smokey eyes, but obviously depends on your face.

4. Lace and lace how to: do not overdo it
Like all garments that have a strong connotation, they must be carefully measured: focus on one piece, make it the prince of your look. If you wear a chiffon blouse with a gathered collar, wear a pair of jeans 1950 s prom dresses, not an ankle-length skirt. If you have chosen a long and romantic skirt petite prom dresses, combine it with a t-shirt and a leather jacket or a denim shirt, not the silk blouse. Break up: the mix always works!

09 ноября 2018 08:59

while Macron's wife chose a clear Louis Vuitton dress

Two iron-clad first ladies with a passion for fashion, who found themselves in the gardens of the White House for a fundamental meeting between France and the United States. So many topics addressed by the two state leaders, from nuclear to Iran, to the threat of terrorism. Alliances aside, to capture the flashes of the photographers we thought Brigitte Macron and Melania Trump impeccable with outfits designed to perfection for the occasion.
Last July, the presidential couple had flown to Paris, but this time it was the French who traveled to Washington for a visit. At their meeting the presidential couples exchanged gifts: Macron gave Trump an oak from the Battle of Bosco Belleau where 10 thousand US soldiers died in the First World War long elegant evening dresses, while Melania paid tribute to the guests with a photo album and a Tiffany's silver salad bowl, with a presidential seal and an engraved signature.

Despite the fact that between the two there are twenty years of difference, Melania and Brigitte looked like sisters, both sensational with looks that showed off their legs. The American first lady focused on a Dolce & Gabbana dress, embellished with a Givenchy hood, Christian Dior and Louboutin handbag, while Macron's wife chose a clear Louis Vuitton dress.

At the end of the meeting Melanie and Brigitte appeared together again in front of the flashes of the photographers with two very similar outfits total white. White is the favorite color of Trump's wife and is also a nuance that indicates the struggle for women's vote. A random choice? Probably not, since both have clear ideas about what they want to communicate, they are strong, independent and very charismatic, so much so as to overshadow even two powerful and feared men.

06 ноября 2018 11:41

The soft maxi dress is perfectly suited to its softer lines

September 3, 2018 - Charlotte Casiraghi is a princess in the true sense of the word: beyond having an undoubtedly innate class, just like her mother Carolina and as a grandmother Grace Kelly midnight blue bridesmaids dresses, she has a water and soap beauty and a natural and casual way in bring even very difficult clothes. But she also does, in my opinion, some small slide: here is my report card of her looks!
The sweet expectation of the princess peeps from the drapery of the single-shoulder dress that highlights the shoulder line. I like the make-up and hairstyle too. Too bad only for those boots: for me I'm really no! Troncano the figure and, personally, the plateau so high I never liked it. Rating 6 (if he wore another shoe, I would have promoted with flying colors!).
The flower minidress has a floral fantasy that you can like it or not, for me it ages a little. Even the line of the dress does not do justice to the dry body of the princess: an empire cut would have given her more. The shoes are perfect, the socks are supposed to be a must. Rating 7.

Here Charlotte is simply amazing: the black dress decorated with white feathers leaves you breathless and remembers the wonderful looks of Grandma Grace. Makeup and wigs are perfect. What to say? Vote 9.

Charlotte Casiraghi walking in Capri
The princess walking around Capri is pretty even with a decidedly more casual look. The soft maxi dress is perfectly suited to its softer lines due to pregnancy and the simple and discreet accessories complete the whole. To be copied. Rating 8.
Lady Middleton therefore confirms the most powerful in terms of style, but also in Corte is second only to the Sovereign. And for this he must thank the legacy that Lady Diana left her.

01 ноября 2018 11:31

And everyone wins with the tartan dress

October 11, 2018 - Kate Middleton returns to herself and finds her style at the third public exit after the end of maternity leave. The flop of the lilac dress was scorching.

The Duchess of Cambridge visits the Victoria & Albert Museum, just steps from Kensington Palace. And everyone wins with the tartan dress, signed Erdem, gray and bordeaux.

Finally Kate has a new look, even if the dress belongs to the spring-summer 2018 collection. It is an elegant yet lively outfit. Lady Middleton amazes because it tears off the protocol and shows her shoulders, just like Letizia of Spain. Success is guaranteed.

Kate's outfit is practically perfect in every respect. The dress enhances the body returned dry and tonic after pregnancy, the belt emphasizes the narrow hips. William's wife combines it with high-heeled velvet décolleté, signed by Jimmy Choo. The clutch of 1,252 euros of the same brand.

On October 12, Lady Middleton is waiting for Eugenie's wedding in York, where her sons George and Charlotte will act as a page and a damsel. This is the third time this year for them, after the wedding of Harry and Meghan and their friend Sophie Carter. Kate light blue cocktail dress, however, could forfeit her sister Pippa if she were to give birth.

Among the guests to whom it was presented was the New Zealand judge, Charles Cato, with his wife. The latter asked Meghan how she was and she replied: "Very well thank you". Therefore ivory bridesmaid dresses with sleeves, no fear of excessive fatigue for her. The couple spoke again about pregnancy when a guest recalled meeting Carlo and Diana. Harry intervened and commented: "It was 1983, a year before I was born. My mother was already secretly pregnant. "

29 октября 2018 13:30